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Hair Extensions
Alternative Hair

We love working with hair magic at Alter Ego & more people are wearing

extra hair than you may realize [men AND women]

Whether you're trying to grow out a previous haircut, desire extra fullness or are experiencing a bit of hair loss- we warmly invite you in to show you what we have to offer.

Please do book a consultation or e-mail current & inspiration photos to begin the conversation:

[If you're seeking alternative hair: wigs, toppers, men's systems- please e-mail the salon to book a consultation with our alternative hair specialist, Erin! Please include current photos]

Book consultation
E-mail Alter Ego

the details:

Extensions can literally be life changing; however, they are a life STYLE change. We only work with professional, ethically sourced, 100% human hair. Your extensions will require proper care & we promise to make you an expert. We are certified in several different methods to fit every guest and often we will combine more than one.

Come in for an in-person consultation or fill out a consult form to determine what's best for you!

pricing menu:

Below are salon visit costs with your stylist excluding the cost of the hair. Hair cost is determined by the length of hair & amount of hair needed. Hair costs can be determined with your stylist.

weft extensions

salon visits: every 4-10 weeks

initial session: 

Volume [1 row]: $350

Length [2 rows]: $500

  • Full introduction & education to maintain your new lifestyle [you'll leave a pro; although, we're always here for  you to answer all the questions]

  • After care & FAQ pdf file e-mailed & texted to you directly

  • Wet brush, satin pillowcase, hair oil & scrunchie

[does not include color services]​

Maintainence Sessions [30 minutes every 4-6 weeks]

1 row: $75

2 rows: $95


maintenance & shampoo, blow out & hot tool style: $150

OR book maintainence with any color service!

Re-Install Session: [3-4/year]

Density & Volume [1 row]: $200

Length [two rows]: $350

tape-in extensions

salon visits: every 6-10 weeks

Initial Install: $300

Double cleanse on scalp & conditoned ends

Blow Dry


Cutting & shaping

Hot tool style 

Maintainence Sessions:

reinstall only: $120 per pack (average guest wears two packs)

reinstall with color service: $110 per pack 

strand extensions: 

salon visits: as needed

$6/strand [excluding cost of hair]

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