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We've created an incredible team of stylists with different specialties and experience to provide endless options for your hair sessions. Alter Ego Stylists & our Artistic Team Stylists will have different investments; however, choose which opportunity is the best fit for your hair needs.

To see each artists menu with pricing, check out the team page!


haircut & blow dry

Stylist: $65

Artist: $72+

One on one consultation followed by a thorough scalp cleanse & renewing head massage. Wet & dry cutting techniques may be utilized with a fresh, pro blow out in between.

long or thick
haircut & blow dry

Stylist: $70
Artist: $75+

The luxury experience above with a little more time to handle above average strands

clippers & scissors 
[no blow dry]

Stylist: $40
Artist: $45

Clipper work from hairline to temple & blending through the top. Includes a scalp cleanse & head massage.


the blow dry 

Stylist: $45+

Artist: $50+

shampoo twice & condition the ends. professional product & round brush blow out. 

long or thick strands: $10+

blow dry & smooth

Stylist: $50+
Artist: $60+

The luxury experience above with a smoothing iron finish to leave extra sleek & shiny

blow dry

& beach waves

Stylist: $55+
Artist: $60+

the pro blow dry followed by hot tools to create waves as loose or crinkled as your heart desires

blow dry &  curl

the blow dry followed by pro hot tools to create glamorous curls

Stylist: $55+

Artist: $60+

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